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The DVDs on these pages are all made in the USA. Some are 'Region 1' coded although many are region code free ('Region 0').

Pee Wee's Playhouse Box set # 2
BCI budget collections
Divine Emanuelle
Joe Sarno's Swedish Wildcats / New York Wildcats

Babes in Kongland
Babes in Kongland (2007, Secret Key) - This is a re-edited version of the wacky shot-on-video nudie comedy "The Erotic Ape" with more sex footage added! Also featured on the soundtrack is a brief bit of a Ubangis tune (boy were we surprised!). Includes the bonus program "Candy Doll & Addie Morton" as well as a few vintage nudie loops and trailers! Rated R, $5.98

Baadasssss! (2003, Sony Pictures) - The incredible story of the making of "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song" directed by and starring Mario Van Peebles who plays his father Melvin Van Peebles! "Baadasssss!" itself is a criminally under rated feature and a must see for anyone interested in Black cinema, Melvin Van Peebles or the swinging sixties! Wide-screen picture! Extras include a commentary track with both Melvin and Mario Van Peebles, the featurette "The Birth of Black Cinema", the movie's premiere, a poster gallery and a 'Q & A' with Melvin Van Peebles at American Cinematheque! Rated R, only $5.98

Blonde In Bondage DVD
Blonde In Bondage ('57, Alpha)- Anita Thallburg is a drug addict stripping to support her habit. When a reporter tries to help her he unleashes the fury of the crime underworld! An early black & white slice of Swedish Euro-trash! $4.98

Boarding House Blues (1948, Cascadia) Excellent all Black cast music comedy starring Moms Mabley who runs a boarding house in danger of closing because she can't pay the greedy landlord in time! The show-biz residents decide to put on a vaudeville show! Also starring Dusty Fletcher, and featuring performances by Anisteen Allen, Una Mae Carlisle, Bullmoose Jackson and others! Note: The picture quality on this budget disc is only so-so but for the price it is well worth it! $5.98

Cinderella 2000
Cinderella 2000 (1977, Retro-Seduction Cinema) - Al Adamson directs this sexy sci-fi musical comedy! Yes, it's the old Cinderella story with a futuristic twist! DVD includes the US version and the naughtier European version! Gee,... which one shall I watch first? Plus an amazing commentary track by producer Sam Sherman, full color booklet with liner notes and the Al Adamson Trailer Vault! Rated R, $8.98

Curious Obsessions

Curious Obsessions (2006, Seduction Cinema)
Bethany Lott and Jackie Stevens are 2 sexy friends who discover a mysterious box of old stag movies! Watching them toether turns them on so much that they must help each other sooth their uncontrollable lust! Director John Bacchus incorporates lots of vintage footage from Seduction Cinema's vintage sex loop series (also on sale!) for an interesting effect! Includes music by Trash Palace's own band The Ubangis and others! ADULTS ONLY !! SALE PRICED AT ONLY $9.98

Divine Emanuelle

Divine Emanuelle (Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps aka Love Camp, 1981, Media Blasters; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Miss "Black Emanuelle" herself, Laura Gemser is "The Divine One", the leader of a sex-mad love cult! Complete with hippy musical numbers! Wow! Pretty bad, but in a good way. Lotsa' naked flesh on display! Must be seen to be believed! Also starring Christian Anders, Simone Brahmann, Gabriele Tinti and Sascha Borysenko. Rated R, $9.98

Hell On Wheels (1967, Rhino)- Will Zens directs John Ashley & Marty Robbins in the story of 2 car racing brothers that become involved in a bootlegging racket! Robbins sings a few numbers as well! only $9.98

Lady Emanuelle

Lady Emanuelle (Tradita a morte, 1989, Media Blasters; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Stylish softcore erotica starring European sex starlet Malů, from Italian director Pasquale Fanetti. Rated R, $9.98

Naughty Nudes of the 1960s
Naughty Nudes of the 1960s (Retro-Sedcution Cinema / EI)- Another trashy collection (see below) featuring over 2 hours of sexy film loops featuring music by several bands including our own in-house group The Ubangis! Includes a peep-show history by the amazing 42nd Street Pete! ADULTS ONLY !! SALE PRICED AT ONLY $11.98

Naughty Nudes '64
Naughty Nudes '64 (Retro-Sedcution Cinema / EI)- High definition transfer of some low-class peep show film loops from 1964! Very trashy collection of film loops featuring a bevy of beautiful, not-so-beautiful and downright fugly women gettin' nekkid and trying to be sexy for your viewing and spewing pleasure! 12 black & white silent film shorts backed up with music by several bands including our own in-house group The Ubangis! All-in-all some nice sleaze, my only complaint is the company logo that appears in the corner of the entire picture. ADULTS ONLY! SALE PRICED AT ONLY $11.98

New Zoo Review
PEE WEE'S PLAYHOUSE #2 - COMPLETE THIRD, FOURTH AND FIFTH SEASONS BOX SET (1988 - 1990, Image) - 22 episodes on 5 discs! Over 8 1/2 hours of fun! Lists for $29.99, on sale for only $15.98

Classic Teenage Rebels
Classic Teenage Rebels 11 MOVIE 3 DVD SET (St. Clair Vision)
11 movies mostly from the late 1950s and early 1960s including:
The Choppers (1961) starring Arch Hall, Jr.
Date Bait (1960) starring Gary Clarke and Marlo Ryan
Girl in Lover's Lane (1959) starring Brett Halsey, Joyce Meadows and Jack Elam
High School Big Shot (1959) starring Tom Pitttman and Virginia Aldridge
High School Caesar (1960) starring John Ashley
Hot Rod Girl (1956) starring Lori Nelson and Chuck Connors
Jail Bait (1954) directed by Ed Wood, Jr. and starring Lyle Talbot and Delores Fuller
The Rebel Set (1959) starring Gregg Palmer and Kathleen Crowley
T-Bird Gang (1959) starring John Brinkley and Ed Nelson
The Wild Ride (1960) starring Jack Nicholson and Georgianna Carter
Wild Guitar (1962) starring Arch Hall Jr., Nancy Czar, Arch Hall Sr. and Ray Dennis Steckler
3 DVD SET ONLY $9.98

Bad Azz Muthaz volume 2
Bad Azz Muthaz volume 2 (Ground-Zero)
3 movies on 3 discs: Black Cobra (Cobra nero, 1987) starring Fred Williamson as Detective Robert Malone and Eva Grimaldi, directed by Stelvio Massi. Black Dragon Fever (Xiao shi fu yu da sha xing aka Kung Fu Fever, 1979) starring Ron Van Clief and Dragon Lee. And Black Kingpin (La mala ordina aka Manhunt, 1972) an Italian crime flick by Fernando Di Leo starring Mario Adorf, Henry Silva and Woody Strode. Picture quality is mediocre on these. Rated R, $5.98

Note: Picture quality varies from title-to-title on these collections. Remember, these are budget DVDs!

Weird Cinema Collection BOX SET (BCI)
10 vintage cult movies on 5 double-sided discs:"Teenagers from Outer Space" (1959), "Assassin of Youth" (1935), "The She Beast" (1966), "Creature from the Haunted Sea" (1961), "Cocaine Fiends" (1938), "The Giant Gila Monster" (1959), "Bride of the Gorilla" (1951), "Eegah!" (1963), "The Terror of Tiny Town" (1938) and "Reefer Madness" (1936). Lists for $12.98, on sale for only $5.98
Weird Cinema collection

Tough Guys of Kung Fu Collection BOX SET (BCI / Brentwood)
10 movies on 5 double-sided discs includes: "Militant Eagle" (1974), " The Killing Machine" (1976), "Fists of Bruce Lee" (1978), " The Tattoo Connection" (aka "Black Belt Jones 2", 1978), "Dragon on Fire" (1978), "The Crippled Masters" (1979), "Golden Dragon, Silver Snake" (1979), "Rage of the Dragon" (1979), "Ninja Turf" (aka "Los Angeles Streetfighter", 1985) and "The Deadly Kick" (1986). Some features are rated R. List price is $19.98, on sale for only $5.98

Tough Guys of Kung Fu
The Vilgilantes Collection (BCI / Brentwood)
4 modern Western movies on 2 double-sided discs includes: "Joshua" (wide-screen picture, aka "Joshua the Black Rider", 1976), "China 9, Liberty 37" (1978), "Find a Place to Die" (wide-screen picture, aka "Joe... Find a Place to Die", 1968) and "The Gatling Gun" (1973) . Some movies are rated R. List price is $9.98, on sale for only $4.98
The Vigilantes collection
The Vilgilantes 2 Collection (BCI / Brentwood)
4 modern Western movies (the latter 3 are from Italy) on 2 double-sided discs includes: "The Legend of Alfred Packer" (1980), "Trinity Meets Sartana" (aka "Trinity and Sartana are Coming", 1972), "Johnny Yuma" (1967) and "The Grand Duel" (1972). Some movies are rated R. List price is $9.98, on sale for only $4.98
The Vigilantes 2 collection

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Casino Royale (MGM, UK, PAL / Region 2) - Classic sixties groovy Bond satire! Wide-screen plus trailers! $5.00

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000, Columbia, region 1) - SEALED! Chinese period drama starring Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh! Wide-screen plus extras! $3.99

The Disco Godfather (1979, Xenon, USA)- Rudy Ray Moore is Tucker Williams, a badass rapping disco d.j. and ex-cop. He gets back into action when he takes on Stinger, a huge angel-dust kingpin! Includes original trailer and others! “Put your weight on it!!” Rated “R", $10.00

Hit Man File ("Sum mupuen", 2005, Kino) - Exiting modern mob drama from Thailand! In Thai with optional English subtitles, wide-screen with trailer and still gallery, Rated R, $5.00

Ring of Fire - The Emile Griffith Story (2003, Anchor Bay) - New! Still sealed! Excellent documentary about the in-ring "murder" of black boxer Benny "Kid" Paret. Many extras! Wide-screen, $1.99

Scream (1996, Dimension, USA, region 1) - STILL SEALED! Wes Craven's fun slasher movie! Wide-screen plus lotsa' extras! $4.98

Stir of Echoes (1999, Artisan) - Kevin Bacon see spooks! Full screen version, Rated R, $3.00

Suburban Nightmare (2004, EI Independent Cinema, USA, disc has light scuffs, plays fine) - Feature length serial killer violence! Includes various documentaries plus 3 short indie horror films by different directors. Rated R, USED $3.00

The Thin Blue Lie (2000, Paramount, region 1) - Cable tv movie about police brutality scandals! Starring Rob Morrow and Randy Quaid. Rated R, $2.99

Tokyo Mafia - Yakuza Wars (1995, Asia Pulp Cinema, Region 1) - Incredibly bloody bad crime drama starring Riki Takeuchi of "Dead or Alive". In Japanese with English subtitles. Adults, $5.00

Twin Peaks - The First Season (1990 DVD release, Republic Pictures / Artisan, Region 1) - 4 disc set featuring the complete first season! Also includes interviews with the cast and crew and insert with Sheryl Lee interview, both available ONLY on this DVD release of the series! $22.00

The Ugliest Woman in the World ("La Mujer más fea del mundo", 1999, Universe 2 disc VCD set from Hong Kong) - Violent black comic sci-fi from Spain! In Spanish language with Chinese and English subtitles. Rated R, $4.00




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