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NOTE: While we try to keep everything in stock, because of our huge selection we do sometimes run out! So when ordering, please, if possible, list alternate choices and format if you have any! Feel free to call before ordering to check on a particular title! All of the CD titles on this page are real honest-to-God bonifide CDs and NOT CD-Rs!

Across 110th Street LP REISSUE to the 1972 United Artists record. Instrumental music by J.J.Johnson with vocals by Bobby Womack make this one of the best scores ever to a classic piece of 70's Black cinema! The amazing title track (which was reused by Quentin Tarantino in "Jackie Brown") is worth the price of admission! LP ONLY! $11.98

L'Arcidiavolo soundtrack ITALIAN IMPORT CD (EMI / Vivi Musica) - Aramando Trovaioli's score to the 1966 sexy comedy film also known as "The Devil In Love"! A Renaissance-pop score of sorts performed by The I Marc 4 with vocal appearances by Edda Dell'Orso! The original '66 LP was pressed in a limited run of only 500 copies! $14.98

L'Attentato (aka "The French Conspiracy") SOUNDTRACK by ENNIO MORRICONE- ITALIAN IMPORT CD or LP (Dago Red)- Moody and intense Euro crime soundtrack from 1972. Heavily recommended, this one starts off as exciting thriller-jazz/pop and ends up drifting into long scary drones that reminded me of the opening from Kubrick's "2001"! Good stuff! CD or LP (w/ gatefold cover!) is $19.98

Baby Doll LP (Columbia / reissue)-Kenyon Hopkins great score to the Tenessee William's adaptation starring Carroll Baker! $11.98

Barbablù (Bluebeard) ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Dagored)- Ennio Morricone's effective score to the 1972 black comedy thriller! This is a special extended version containing 26 tracks, 11 of which are heard for the first time on this release! $19.98 Bluebeard CD

Batman - Nelson Riddle Original T.V. Soundtrack UK IMPORT CASSETTE TAPE-The original t.v. show music with hip dialogue snippets! Holy Bat-bargain! It's only $1.99

Brother On The Run LP (Perception)- Vinyl reissue of the hard-to-find 1973 soundtrack by composer / arranger Johnny Pate, title track sung by vocalist Adam Wade. LP only! $11.98
Brother On The Run LP

The Devil In Miss Jones CD (Oglio Records, cut-out) - CD reissue of Alden Shuman's elegant score to the US XXX film. $9.98

I Figli Chiedono Perché ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Dagored)- Ennio Morricone's dramatic score to the 1972 movie by Nino Zanchin. 21 tracks total! $19.98 I Figli Chiedono Perche CD

La Gabbia SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION NUMBERED ITALIAN IMPORT CD (GDM)- Morricone's score to Giuseppe Patroni Griffi's sexy 1986 thriller aka "Collector's Item" (starring Laura Antonelli and co-written by Lucio Fulci). Each CD is individually numbered! $19.98 La Gabbia CD

Game Of Death ITALIAN IMPORT LP ONLY (Dago Red)-The original soundtrack recording by John Barry for this 1978 classic Bruce Lee movie (also starring Chuck Norris and basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)... a very nice score featuring funky beats (with really cool 70's cop show kinda'feel), orchestral moments and weird sound/effects... 11 tracks with a free poster included on 180 gram HQ vinyl with gatefold sleeve! $18.98 HIYYA!!!

Il Gatto ("The Cat") ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Cinevox)- Ennio Morricone's obscure 1977 score to the Italian crime comedy newly remastered with 2 unreleased alternate version tracks! Features Edda Dell'Orso on 2 vocal numbers. $18.98 Il Gatto

Girl On A Motorcycle soundtrack ITALIAN IMPORT LP (RPM / Dago Red)- Les Reed's score to the sexy drama starring Marianne Faithfull and Alain Delon! This special reissue contains 3 bonus tracks: Vocal versions of 3 of the songs by female singers Mireille Mathieu and Cleo Laine! A nice color foldout cover with liner notes and pictures makes this a must have for Faithfull fans! $18.98 Girl On A Motorcycle

Gli Intoccabili (aka MACHINE GUN MCCAIN) SOUNDTRACK by ENNIO MORRICONE- ITALIAN IMPORT CD or LP (Dago Red)-15 tracks to the 1968 crime drama by Giuliano Montaldo and starring John Cassavetes, Britt Ekland, and Peter Falk. CD is $19.98, LP (w/ gatefold cover!) is $18.98 Gli Intoccabili

Hell Up In Harlem LP (Motown)- Edwin Starr's classic score to the 1974 Larry Cohen movie starring Fred Williamson! $11.98 Hell Up In Harlem LP

La Donna Invisible ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Dagored)-Morricone's lush score to the Paolo Spinola film with vocals by the talented Edda dell'Orso! Very nice! CD contains 4 alternate version tracks! $18.98 The Invisible Women

The Insatiables ("Femmine Insaziabili") original soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai ITALIAN IMPORT DOUBLE LP (Right Tempo)- Exciting music score to Alberto De Martino's dramatic 1969 epic of sleaze and mystery! Includes many previously unreleased tracks! DOUBLE LP (in gatefold cover) is $29.98

The Mack CD (Motown)-CD reissue of the Willie Hutch soul soundtrack. $10.98

Mondo Candido ITALIAN IMPORT LP (Dago Red)-From Riz Ortolani, the composer of "More"comes this rare score to the shockumentary by the makers of "Mondo Cane"! Bouncy easy listening pop music and groovy rock-pop! $17.98 Mondo Candido

Il Poliziotto Della Brigata Criminale ITALIAN IMPORT CD or LP (Dago Red)-The original soundtrack recording for this 1975 obscure French crime movie (known in the U.S. as "Night Caller") directed by Henri Verneuil and starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, with liner notes by Roberto Zamori. 11 tracks! LP is pressed on 180 gram HQ vinyl and comes in a gatefold cover! LP is $17.98, CD is $18.98 Il Poliziotto Della Brigata Criminale

Ran (Fantasy)-Akira Kurosawa NEW CASSETTE TAPE ONLY $1.99

Revolver ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Dagored)-Morricone's intense pounding music to Sergio Sollima's 1974 crime drama aka "Blood In The Streets"! Very cool!! $18.98 Revolver

Rock All Night REISSUE IMPORT LP-New reissue of the rare 1958 Mercury Records release! Music by The Platters, The Blockbusters & Nora Hayes!  LP $17.98

Rockin’ The Blues LP (Relic)-The soundtrack to the amazing 1955 r&b film (the movie is also available from us on videotape!). With Connie Carol, The Harptones, The Hurricanes, Reese La Rue, The Wanderers and others! $10.98
Rockin' The Blues

Satan In High Heels CD (Collectables)-Mundell Lowe’s jazz score to this ‘62 screen scorcher. $9.98

Savage! IMPORT LP (Southbound Groovin')- Vinyl reissue of the impossible-to-find 1973 super soul score by Don Julian! The original soundtrack to the Blaxploitation movie starring James Iglehardt with Lada Edmund, Carol Speed and Sally Jordan and directed by Cirio Santiago. Available on import LP only for $18.98

Il Serpente ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Dagored)- Another excellent Ennio Morricone score! 13 tracks (including 3 unreleased ones) to the 1973 European thriller directed by Henri Verneuil. $18.98 Il Serpente CD

Shaft CD (Fantasy)-Isaac Hayes’ awesome score! 2 LP’s on 1 CD! A MUST HAVE! Can you dig it? $16.98

Shango- La Pistola Infallibile ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Cinevox)- Gianfranco Di Stefano's somber and moving score to the Italian western by "Edward G. Muller" (Edoardo Mulargia). Remastered reissue of the rare original plus a previously unreleased 11 minute outtakes suite. Di Stefano reportedly only ever composed a handful of scores and after hearing this it is a shame he wasn't more prolific! $18.98 Shango CD

Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof (see below)

Sugar Colt LIMITED EDITION ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Hexacord)- Luis Bacalov's score to 1966 Spaghetti Western! Includes many variations of the main theme plus source music and an alternate track. $19.98 Sugar Colt CD

Superfly 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION DOUBLE ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Sunspots / Charly) - Curtis Mayfield’s classic score in standard fold-out digipak cover. $11.98

La Tradgedia di un Uomo Ridiculo ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Cinevox)- $18.98 La Tadgedia CD

Trinity Goes East LIMITED EDITION ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Hexacord)- Decent Spaghetti-ish score for the komical kop kung-fu film! 26 tracks by composer Alessandro Alessandroni! $19.98
Trinity Goes East CD

Tropico di Notte LIMITED EDITION ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Hexacord)- Yet another score by Armando Sciascia to a different sexy Mondo also by Renzo Russo from 1961! The complete score plus 1 bonus track! Exotic but upbeat jazzy score sometimes overdubbed with Jungle sounds plus several Twist themes! (Wait'll you here the "Figaro Twist!") $19.98
Tropico di Notte CD

Truck Turner REISSUE DOUBLE LP (Enterprise)- Excellent funky score composed and performed by Isaac Hayes for the 1974 Blaxploitation film! If you dig the soundtrack to "Shaft", you'll also love this one because it's just as bad! I mean good! I mean... well, you get the idea! $24.98

Che c'entriamo noi con la rivoluzione? ("What Am I Doing In The Middle Of The Revolution?", IMPORT CD (Dago Red)
Ennio Morricone's score to Sergio Corbucci's comic Western from 1973. $18.98
Che c'entriamo noi con la rivoluzione?

The Wild Angels IMPORT LP (Tower)- Excellent stereo soundtrack reissue to Roger Corman's biker film that started it all! Great fuzz guitar tracks by Davie Allan and the Arrows including the immortal "Blues Theme"! If you don't own this one now here's your chance to grab a brand new mint copy! $18.98
Wild Angels LP



Beat At Cinecitta vol. 3 GERMAN IMPORT CD (Crippled Dick)-Finally!! The final installment of this amazing series! Tracks from Italian exploitation erotic cinema by Berto Pisano, Armando Trovajoli and others!! A MUST!! $18.98 Beat At Cinecitta vol. 3

Easy Tempo Experience - Are You Experienced? CD (Right Tempo)- 11 DJ dance remixes to tracks from the Easy Tempo series of Italian soundtrack music from the '60s and '70s! Original tracks by composers Berto Pisano ("Kill Them All!"), Piero Umiliani and others remixed by modern DJ's! CD is $17.98

Easy Tempo - Eighteenth Street Lounge presents...CD - A sort of "Best of" selection of tracks from the Italian "Easy Tempo" series of late '60s / early '70s Italian soundtrack and lounge / pop music!:

1. Running Fast - Steffano Torossi
2. Trops - Alberto Baldan Bembo
3. Blues for Alexandra - Romano Mussolini L
4. Moto Centripeto - Lesiman
5. Blue Media - Lee Selmoco Orchestra
6. Diamond Bossa Nova - Francesco DeMasi
7. L'Italia Vista Dal Cielo - Piero Piccioni
8. Fearing Much - Steffano Torossi
9. Sessomatto - Armando Trovaioli
10. Decisione - Armando Trovaioli
11. Airport Rock - Giancarlo Barigozzi
12. Honey Rhythm and Butter - Green Future
13. Detective - Fred Bongusto
14. Casa Di Moda - Guido & Maurizio
15. Lady Magnolia - Piero Umiliani
16. Messaggio - Lesiman

Dig the Italian lounge beat groove! CD is $17.98

Eaither St. presents Easy Tempo CD

Gert Wilden & Orchestra-"I Told You Not To Cry" GERMAN IMPORT CD (Crippled Dick)-Wilden’s jazz music for 60's German thrillers such as Bryan Edgar Wallace’s “Secret Of The Black Trunk” and “Phantom Of Soho”,  Jess Franco’s “Castle Of Fu Manchu” and others! $19.98

(Italian Girls Like) Ear-Catching Melodies ITALIAN IMPORT LP (Dago Red)-More rare tracks from the Beat cinema archives circa late 60's to early 70's! Includes Alberto De Martino's "Blazing Magnum", Lucio Fulci's "One On Top Of The Other", Silvio Amadio's "Smile Before Death", E.G. Girolami's "La Polizia Incimina, La Legge Assolve" and more from composers including Piero Piccioni, Francesco DeMasi, Riz Ortolani and others! With gatefold cover! $17.98

Mondo Movies Music UK IMPORT CD (Big Beat)-Includes songs from Ray Dennis Stecklar's "The Thrill Killers", "Rat Pfink A Boo Boo" and "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies" (OW! MY FINGERS JUST CRAMPED FROM TYPING THAT!) plus music from "She Devils On Wheels", "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and the song "The Bird's The Word" from "The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield"! Mixed in are an earful of movie samples and trailers! Comes with li'l 8 page booklet! $22.98 Mondo Movies Music CD

Peter Thomas- Moonflowers And Miniskirts GERMAN CD (Marina)-My personal fave of the German Peter Thomas compilations, this one leans more towards uptempo psyche-pop from his studio LP's and soundtracks. Has a few groovy female vocal numbers including "Black Power" with the first ever Donna Summer vocal! 19 tracks and comes with a nice 8 page booklet with liner notes and pics. $18.98

Piero Piccioni - Mondoalbertone ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Studio Uno) - Compilation of Piero Piccioni music to Italian films starring comic actor Alberto Sordi! 18 rare tracks including several new dj mixes! $21.98 Mondoalgertone

Siegfried Franz - Deutsche Filmkomponisten GERMAN IMPORT CD WITH BOOKLET (Bear Family) - 35 tracks in digipak cover with thick booklet! Music from German cinema mostly circa 1956 to 1962, including "The Happy Years of the Thorwalds" (1962), "The Liar" (1961), "The Angel of St. Pauli" (1969) and "Dr. Crippen Lives". $16.98



Les Chansons des Perverts GERMAN IMPORT CD (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)- 16 Crippled Dick "Super Hits" that bring together tracks from the '60s to the (mostly) present. Older stuff includes Earl Wilson's "Come In My Mouth" from the musical "Let My People Come", Mystic Moods Orchestra's "Cosmic Sea" ('78), Don Pauline & Siggi Schwab's "Sugar Cane", Toni Bruno's "Chase Of Death" (from the "Hell's Angels '69" soundtrack), and a few others. More recent stuff include dj-mixish stuff by Anubian Lights, Dodo, Station Rose and The Crippled Groove Orchestra! CD is $19.98

I Marc 4-The Psych Jazzy Beat Of ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Black Cat)- Mostly instrumental music by this Italian jazzy pop group recorded between 1970 and 1976. Includes 1 track from Italian t.v. series "Il Segno del Comando" plus 1 featuring female vocalist Edda Dell'Orso. 24 tracks plus an interview with band member Maurizio Majorana! (The interview is included as a bonus CD-rom track on the CD and as a printed inner sleeve on the LP's). $19.98
I Marc 4

Mo’plen 3000-Space Killer Tracks From The Past ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Irma)-With The Beats & Franco De Gemini, Eddie Caruso & The Five, Mirageman, and other obscure Italian artists! $19.98

Mo’plen 2000-Acid Hip Tracks From Italian Cocktails ITALIAN IMPORT CD (Irma)-Rare Italian easy listening music with Goblin, Bruno Nicolai, Roberto Pregadio and others! $19.98

Rudy Ray Moore - Greatest Hits LP, PROMO ONLY VINYL (‘96-Right Stuff)- w/ great photo cover! $15.98

Rudy Ray Moore "Hully Gully Fever" CD or DOUBLE LP (Norton Records)-Available now for the first time ever, this amazing collection from Rudy's personal archives of 28 Rhythm and Blues songs crooned by the man himself! Impossible-to-find smashes taken from rare 45's, unissued tracks, live recordings and even a few radio spots! All vintage 1950's & 60's Rudy Ray tunes including "Step It Up And Go", "Driveway Blues", and "Real Gone"! You'll be real gone too when you hear this amazing 79 minute collection! Extensive liner notes by Rudy himself plus photos from his own archives! You want more? Well, yer gettin' MOORE! BIIITCH!! ARE YOU FOR REAL?? Available on CD for $13.98 or DOUBLE LP with a gatefold cover for only $17.98! Rudy Ray Moore's Hully Gully Fever

Out Of This World Flying Saucers & Other Stuff Too CD (Concert Products)- Can you believe it? Another collection of even more break-in records and other weirdness! For those of you that didn't get enough in the Buchanan & Goodman and others collection "The Flying Saucer" (also available), here's 27 more tracks of rock-n-roll cut-up comedy madness!! Amazingly, this comp only repeats 1 track from the other one as far as I can tell. Yes, it's ultra low-budget break-in and pseudo-break-in insanity you've probably never heard before (and for good reason!) "The Flying Saucers In Brooklyn" by The Merry Martian, "Man In Orbit" by "The Space Men", "Luney Landing" by Captain Zap and the Motortown Cut-ups! Plus non-space aural irritations like "Russian Bandstand", the all-Elvis cut-up "Elvis And The Unmentionables", the all Jerry Lee cut-up "The Return Of Jerry Lee Lewis", the all James Brown cut-up "A Talk With The News" (was this thing liscenced? Methinks not!) plus "Windshield Washer", "Go Go Radio Moscow" and ...aaarrgh!! Please buy this CD so I can stop listening to it! I'm going out of my skull!! AAAAAAH!!! $17.98 Out Of This World Flying Saucers CD

Betty Page - Jungle Girl GERMAN IMPORT CD WITH BOOKLET (QDK) - 48 minutes of Jazz and Pop instrumental music accompanied by an 18 page photo booklet featuring nudie shots of Ms. Page by famous cheesecake photographer Bunny Yeager! $19.98 Betty Page - Jungle Girl CD or LP

Elvis Presley-Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas REISSUE LP (RCA)-ONLY $4.99

Elvis Presley-Memories Of Christmas REISSUE LP (‘82, RCA)-ONLY $4.99

Sissy Man Blues IMPORT CD- 25 vintage homosexual themed blues and jazz vocal cuts featuring Tampa Red, Josh White, Victoria Spivey, Louis Armstrong and others. With tunes like “It’s Tight Like That”, “Two Old Maids In A Folding Bed” and “Fairy Blues”! 1 copy left! $13.98

Soupy Sales IMPORT CD (Soupermouse)
25 comedy hits from the king of kids comedy tv! Featuring:
1. Do the Mouse
2. The Name Game
3. Sad Sack
4. Speedy Gonzales
5. Hey Pearl
6. The Nitty Gritty
7. Mouse Trap
8. Your Brains Fall Out
9. King Kong
10. Mighty Clem
11. Pachalafaka
12. Mr Cab Driver
13. Opening
14. There's Nothing To Do Today
15. Soupy of the Secret Service
16. Pie Face
17. Leona
18. We're Going to the Circus
19. Opening
20. Dressing Room Menagerie
21. Thirty Five Pounds - 9 Feet Tall
22. Vy You Spyink On Me
23. Forever Friends
24. What Did the Animals Say
25. Pie In the Sky
More Soup then you'd ever need! $18.98
Soupy Sales CD

Stereo Cocktail GERMAN IMPORT DOUBLE LP- An anonymous collection of shmaltzy pop musick for your next cocktail party! Includes upbeat instrumental versions of “Summertime”, Music To Watch Girls By” and “These Boots Are Made For Walking”! Breaks the ice at funerals! $14.98

Universe Rocketin’ GERMAN IMPORT LP- 22 1950's rockabilly & rock-n-roll songs all about outer space, satellites and Martians! 45 minutes including “Rock It On Mars”, “Moon Twist” and “Orbit With Me”! Vinyl only! $17.98

Charles Wilp - Michelangelo In Space (The Bunny Remixes) IMPORT CD (Ata Tak)- Whoda' thunk? The Wilp craze catches on and out comes this wild remix CD, a must for fans of this sort of thing! Includes remixes by Yashuharu Konishi of The Pizzicato 5, Tipsy, Haruomi Hosono of Yellow Magic Orchestra and others! 76 minutes of mixed-up model madness remixing tunes from Wilp's 1966 LP! $11.98 Charles Wilp Bunny Remixes CD




M= MINT; perfect condition

NM= NEAR  MINT; mint minus one or two minor abrasions

VG= VERY  GOOD; possibly some minor scuffs resulting in occasional surface-noise.

G= GOOD; light scratches, slight surface-noise. Still quite listenable.

F= FAIR; scratches that result in noticeable noise

P= POOR; playable, but just barely


Africa Addio LP, VG-, ball-point writing on cover, mono (‘67, UA)-Riz Ortolani’s excellent score to notorious mondo film aka "Africa - Blood and Guts"! $10.00

Book Of Numbers SEALED LP, gatefold / die-cut cover (‘73, Buddah / Brut)-Featuring Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee $18.00

Book Of Numbers SEALED LP, as above, but w/ a small bit of marker writing at right corner $16.00

Colortone Studio Orchestra-"Themes From Hollywood" LP, VG- (‘5?, Colortone)-Songs from “Rock Pretty Baby”, others $3.00

Damien-Omen II LP, NM, small cut corner of cover (‘78, 20th Century Fox)-Jerry Goldsmith  $12.00

Don’t Play Us Cheap DOUBLE LP, NM, gatefold (‘72, Stax)-Melvin Van Peebles orig. Cast & soundtrack $20.00

Ferry Cross The Mersey LP, F, has noise but plays ok, mono (‘65, UA)-Gerry & The Pacemakers $4.00

The Godfather LP, VG, gatefold cover (‘72, Paramount)-Nino Rota’s classic score $8.00

Good Times LP, VG, gatefold cover, stereo (‘67, Atco)-Sonny & Cher soundtrack to wacky movie $10.00

Good Times LP, NM, gatefold cover, mono (‘67, Atco)-as above $9.00

Haunted LP, VG, slight cover wear (‘77 RCA / Midsong)-Music by Lor Crane $3.00

Hootenanny Hoot LP, VG, tiny promo hole in corner of cover, mono (‘6?, MGM)-Sheb Wooley, Gateway Trio, others $10.00

Jaws LP, VG (‘75, MCA)-John Williams classic shark-attack music $9.00

Lawrence Of Arabia LP, G, a little writing on cover, mono (Colpix)-Maurice Jarre $2.00

London Philharmonic Orch.-”Chariots Of Fire” and others SEALED LP (‘8?, Audio Award)-”2001", “Fantasia”, others $3.00

Mayfair All-Star Orchestra-”Music From The Movies” LP, F (‘6?, Golden Tone)-Rita Hayworth on cover $4.00

Mondo Cane LP, G, stereo (‘62, UA)-Award winning score by Riz Ortoloni $5.00

Mondo Cane LP, G, mono (‘62, UA)-Award winning score by Riz Ortoloni $5.00

Quiet Days In Clichy SEALED LP/cut corner,stereo(‘70,Vanguard)-Country Joe McDonald & others, based / Henry Miller $20.00

The Red Tent-Ennio Morricone LP, VG (‘69, Paramount)-Morricone’s score to film w/ Sean Connery & Claudia Cardinale $8.00

Rocky Horror Show-Original London Cast NEW UK IMPORT LP REISSUE (‘87, Dojo)-Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien $15.00

Rocky Horror Show-Original Roxy Cast LP, NM, gatefold w/ die-cut lyric insert! (‘74, Ode)-Tim Curry, Meat Loaf $12.00

Rocky Horror Show Original Australian cast LP (‘75, Elephant)- VG-, 1 small scratch / plays fine. Rare! $20.00

Roller Boogie DOUBLE LP signed by Linda Blair! (‘79, Casablanca)-VG; The score to the roller-skating / disco film signed “Love, Linda Blair” on the front cover!! Wow!! $40.00

7th Voyage Of Sinbad LP, VG (‘80 REISSUE, Varese Saraband)-Reissue of Bernard Herrmann’s 1957 score! $10.00

The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad UK LP (UA)-Mint mono pressing signed by Ray Harryhausen!! Without a doubt the rarest LP we have in stock! Call for details!! $175.00

The Silencers-Dean Martin As Matt Helm Sings Songs From LP, NM (‘66, Reprise)- $15.00

Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off LP by James Brown (‘73, Polydor)- VG-; gatefold cover w/ cut corner $20.00

Sorcerer UK IMPORT LP, NM, price stickers on cover (‘77, MCA)-Original UK pressing. Tangerine Dream score. $15.00

Star Wars-Rebel Mission To Ord Mantell SEALED LP, a few cover wrinkles (‘83, Buena Vista)-by author of radio series $12.00

A Swingin’ Summer LP, NM, mono (‘65, HBR)-Raquel Welch, Rip Chords, Righteous Bros., Carol conners, Donnie Brooks $20.00

Up Tight LP, M (‘7?, Stax)-by Booker T & The MG’s $20.00

V/A-4 Channel Screen Music Deluxe Encore KOREAN IMPORT LP, M, slightly noisy pressing (early 70's, Philips)-with “Diamonds Are Forever”, “Enter The Dragon” & other covers by Paul Mariot & others. Big pic of Bruce Lee on back! $8.00

When The Boys Meet The Girls SEALED  LP, hole punch in corner of cover, mono (‘65, Reprise)-Connie Francis, Sam The Sham, Herman’s Hermits,... $20.00

Wild, Wild Winter LP, M, stereo (‘66, Decca)-Astronauts, Beau Brummels, Jay & Americans, Frank Wilson $15.00

Youngblood LP, VG (‘78, Far Out / UA)-by War $10.00




Milton Berle-Songs My Mother Loved PROMO LP, G-, scotch tape at bottom of cover (‘5?, Roulette) $10.00

Victor Borge-Comedy In Music LP (5?, Col.)-G, cover wear $4.00

Johnny Cash-Holy Land LP W/ 3-D COVER! VG, stereo (‘69, Columbia)-Color plastic 3-D shot of Cash w/ church! $15.00

Divine-Hey You! B/w Hey What! UK IMPORT PROMO ONLY 12" SINGLE, VG, generic cover & label- $8.00

Dominic Frontiere and his orch. - Pagan Festival LP, VG-, mono (early 60's?,Columbia)-“An exotic love ritual for orchestra” $8.00

Spike Jones-Dinner Music For People Who Aren’t Very Hungry LP, VG, some surface noise (‘56, Verve)-very wacky! $15.00

Spike Jones-Thank You Music Lovers GERMAN IMPORT REISSUE, M, mono (‘83, RCA)-Jack Davis cover! $9.00

Keep Fit, Be Happy vol. 2 with Bonnie Prudden LP, G (‘5?, Warner)-Nice shots of Bonnie bendin’ all around! $2.00

Tom Lehrer, Songs By 10" EP, F- (‘53?, Lehrer Records)- $2.00

Arthur Lyman-Taboo LP, VG, name written on back, mono (Hi Fi Records)-His most famous slice of exotica! $16.00

Henry Mancini-Plays The Great Academy Award Songs LP, NM (‘64, RCA)-”Moon River”, “Zip A Dee Doo Dah”, others $5.00

Eddie Murphy: Comedian PICTURE DISC LP, NM (‘83, CBS)-Murphy’s 2nd smutty record! ADULTS ONLY $15.00

Pan Is Beautiful-Trinidad & Tobago Steelband Music Festival DOUBLE LP, VG, gatefold (‘84, BWIA) $4.00

Perez Prado-La Chunga LP, VG-, mono (‘61, RCA)-The new dance by the Arthur Murrays! $5.00

Edmundo Ros-On Broadway LP, F (London)-Showtune covers with a Latin flavor $3.00

Treasure Island RECORD PUZZLE, VG (‘64, Storytime)-Cover has extra indented frame w/ punch out b&w puzzle intact! $10.00

Robin Williams-Reality... What A Concept LP, NM (‘79, Casablanca)-His debut record $3.00

Zither Magic by Ruth Welcome LP, VG-, wear at bottom spine, mono (‘6?, Cap.)-Strange witch w/ zither, cauldron & skull $6.00

V/A-British Go-Go, Mickie Most Presents LP, VG, stereo (‘64, MGM)-w/ Cherokees, Symbols, Moquettes, Animals $10.00

V/A-Shutdown LP, G-, bad scratch on last cut, mono (‘63, Capitol)-Hot Rod rockers w/ Super Stocks, The Cheers... $4.00

V/A-Shutdown LP, F-, duophonic  (‘63, Capitol)-as above $4.00



Dark Shadows SEALED LP WITH POSTER , stereo (‘69, Philips)- t.v. score w/ narration by Jonathan Frid & David Selby  $30.00

Frank Fontaine - Songs I Sing on the Jackie Gleason Show LP, G, stereo (‘6?, ABC)- $4.00

John Gregory Orch. - T.V.’s Great Detective Hits LP,VG-,1 scuff on “Rockford Files”(‘76, Merc)-w/SWAT, Columbo, more $5.00

Cheryl Ladd LP, M, promo hole in corner of cover (‘78, Capitol)-Charlie’s hottest Angel sings! Great cover shot! $12.00

Buddy Morrow Orchestra - Impact LP, VG, mono (‘59, RCA)-themes from Peter Gunn, Mike Hammer, Naked City... $10.00

Leonard Nimoy, Two Sides Of LP, NM, stereo (‘68,Dot) - w/ Nimoy as himself & Spock on cover! Includes “Highly Illogical”$29.00

The Six Million Dollar Man-volume 2 SEALED LP (‘76, Peter Pan / Power) - Bionic adventures, Nice cartoon art cover. $10.00





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