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The DVDs on these pages are all made in the USA. Some are 'Region 1' coded although many are region code free ('Region 0').



Body FeverBody Fever (aka Deadlocked aka Supercool aka The Last Original B Movie, 1969, Media Blasters / Shriek Show; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Director Ray Dennis Steckler stars as Charles Smith, a detective hired to track down a female cat burglar who's made off with a fortune in heroin. Will he find her before the angry mob boss does? Also starring Carolyn Brandt, Dina Bryan and Larry Chandler with Ron Haydock and other. Nice wide-screen picture! Extras include an interview with Steckler and his then-wife star Carolyn Brandt, color film footage from "Rat Pfink A Boo Boo" plus the Steckler short film "Goof on the Loose"! $9.98

Central Park Drifter Central Park Drifter (aka Graveyard Shift, 1987, Media Blasters / Shriek Show / Shriek Show; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - A night shift cab driver is actually a vampire, preying on beautiful female passengers and making them his slaves of the undead! That is, until he falls for one woman, much to the dismay of her dangerously jealous husband! Rated R, $5.98

EEGAH (1962, Alpha)- Richard Keel stars as a surviving caveman who falls in love with teen cutie Marilyn Manning and tries to drag her back to his cave for a little "ugh-ugh"! Her guitar playing boyfriend (Arch Hall, Jr.) runs to the rescue! $4.98

Giant Gila Monster DVD

The Giant Gila Monster (1959, Alpha)- Itís a lizard, but itís like really freakiní big! And he's out to gobble up every teen parked at Lovers' Lane! Holy shit! Fun low-budget monster tale shot in Texas! $4.98

Lemon Grove Kids Meet The MonstersThe Lemon Grove Kids Meet The Monsters (1965, Media Blasters / Guilty Pleasures; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Ray Dennis Steckler's lighthearted, manic and zany short films presented as one matinee feature for kids! What this lacks in budget it more then makes up for in charm and energy! Inspired by the East Side Kids movies, Gopher (portrayed by Steckler aka cash Flagg) and his suburban buddies are adult-size kids that get into a tangled mess with aliens, monsters and Kogar the gorilla! Also starring Carolyn Brandt, Bob Burns (as Kogar) and a cast of hundreds (or at least everyone in the neighborhood), plus a cameo appearance by Rat Pfink (Ron Haydock) himself! Unrated but would be rated G today most likely. Extras include interview and audio commentary with director Steckler and a photo gallery! $9.98

Monster From A Prehistoric Planet DVD Monster From A Prehistoric Planet (aka Gappa - The Triphibian Monster, 1967, Alpha)- Explorers discover a large bird creature on an island and, against the warnings of the local natives, return with it to Japan. All seems okay until the monster's parents show up to bring their baby back home unleashing a fiery chaos of death , destruction and crushed models of tiny buildings! Can anything stop these giant peckers? Triphibian, you'll like phibian! $4.98

Monster From The Ocean Floor DVD Monstrosity (aka "The Atomic Brain", 1964, Alpha)- 3 attractive women are lured into the mansion of an old woman who plans on having her brain transplanted into one of their heads! A... wait for it... mad scientist has a lab in her dungeon! At one point he puts a cat's brain inside one of the girl's head! Grrr, baby! $4.98

Prehistoric Women DVDPrehistoric Women (aka The Virgin Goddess, 1950, Alpha) - Mongo no like DVD. Mongo like women, make ugh ugh. Mongo watch DVD. Watch purdy women hate men, men make nice, kill giant bird and big man. Then make fire and ugh ugh with purdy women. Mongo like DVD now. (~reviewed by Mongo) $5.98

Revenge in the House of UsherJess Franco's Revenge in the House of Usher (La Chute de la maison Usher, 1982, Image; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Dr. Orloff (Howard Vernon) returns in Jess Franco's follow-up to "Awful Dr. Orloff" which borrows heavily from Edgar Allan Poe! Also with Daniel Villiers, Joan Virli and Lina Romay. Nice wide-screen picture. $9.98!

Revolt of the Zombies Revolt of the Zombies (1936, Alpha) Director Victor Halperin's follow up to his classic "White Zombie" about an expedition's journey to the lost city of Angkor to discover the secret of the zombies! $4.98

Scared To Death DVD Scared To Death (1947, Alpha)- Bela Lugosi stars as an evil hypnotist with a mute dwarf assistant in this hilariously inept thriller that could give Ed Wood, Jr. a run for his money! With George Zucco as the doctor and tiny man Angelo Rossitto (who is slowly taking over this webpage) as Lugosi's assistant!This was Lugosi's only color movie! $4.98

Screaming Skull DVD Screaming Skull (1958, Alpha)- Black and white b-movie horror yarn that is appreciated by those that saw it in their youth (hey, not me! I ain't that old!) but may be a bit slow for today's gore jaded horror fans. On his second marriage a man tries to drive his newlywed wife insane! Includes the original theatrical trailer! $4.98

Teenage Zombies (1957, Beverly Wilshire)-Directed by Jerry Warren- U.S. lensed grade-Z schlocker about a (you guessed it) mad scientist who turns teenagers into zombies! There's a mad gorilla too! $2.98

The Thrill KillersThe Thrill Killers (aka The Maniacs Are Loose, 1964, Media Blasters / Shriek Show; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Effective early entry psycho killer thriller from director Ray Dennis Steckler in the vein of "The Sadist". Pretty serious for a Steckler film, it tells the story of an escaped inmate (played with gusto by Steckler aka Cash Flagg again) and the reign of terror he spreads! Also starring Liz Renay (who'd go on to star in John Waters' "Desperate Living" ) Extras include interview and audio commentary with director Steckler, color inserts, radio spots and photo gallery! $9.98!

Triunfo de los Campeones Justicieros El Triunfo de los Campeones Justicieros (1974, Phoenix)
The third movie in the Campeones Justicieros trilogy! Starring masked wrestlers Blue Demon, El Fantasma Blanca and Superzan! Alien midgets invade the Earth! Yes, you read right! Can our mighty Mexican heroes stop them? Only $4.98 to find out!

Two Orphan VampiresJean Rollin's Two Orphan Vampires (Les Deux orphelines vampires, 1997, Media Blasters / Shriek Show; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Two young blind orphan girls regain their vision at night when they become bloodthirsty vampires in this later outing from Jean Rollin! Anamorphic wide-screen version with French or English language options! Extras include interviews with Jean Rollin and cast members, plus the original score! Rated R, $9.98

Vampire Blues
Jess Franco's Vampire Blues (1999, Sub Rosa / One Shot)- The new DVD with extras is on sale to Trash Palace customers for only $9.98 each (list price is $19.98)! Contains the final US cut plus the original European version, a photo gallery, several complete soundtrack selections on the menus and a special psycho-delic live video of our own in-huse band The Ubangis performing their theme to the movie! Click the pic to the left for mucho more details to the bloody, erotic and very psychedelic film! OUT OF PRINT! SORRY!

Zombi 3Zombi 3 (1988, Media Blasters / Shriek Show; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - This is Lucio Fulci's official sequel to his movie "Zombie" (which, in Europe, was known as "Zombi 2 Flesheaters"). Shot by Fulci with uncredited additional material by Claudio Fragasso and Bruno Mattei, "Zombi 3" is one of the worst Italian zombie films. That being said, it is still very entertaining if for all the wrong reasons and has garnered a cult following. There are some inspired moments and a good bit of gore, but those are buried between some of the schlockiest scenes ever in Italian horror cinema! Presented uncut in nice anamorphic wide-screen picture! Extras include interviews with the 2 co-directors and some cast members. Unrated, for adults only! $9.98

Zombie 4: After DeathZombie 4: After Death (Oltre la morte, 1988, Media Blasters / Shriek Show; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Now you're talking! On a remote island a witch doctor practices black magic. A group of explorers find him conjuring a spell that has transforms a native woman into a snarling fanged demon of the living dead! The explorers react by shooting the man. In his dying breath he places a curse of the undead on them, releasing zombies from the depths of hell! Fleeing the island, a little girl barely makes it off alive after seeing her parents fall victims to the violent dead! Now years later and grown, she returns to the island to try and understand what happened! Slow in spots, "After Death" still manages to deliver the gory goods! Presented uncut in nice anamorphic wide-screen picture! Extras include an interview with director Claudio Fragasso! Unrated, for adults only! $9.98

Zombie 5: Killing BirdsZombie 5: Killing Birds (Killing birds - uccelli assassini, 1987, Media Blasters / Shriek Show; Region 1 / NTSC, made in the USA) - Not really a zombie film (and certainly having nothing to do with Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" movies), "Killing Birds", co-directed by Claudio Lattanzi and cult fave Joe D'Amato, is a somewhat enjoyable tale of ghostly revenge from beyond the grave! There are indeed some killer birds and, I seem to recall,at least 1 zombie! Recommended to Italian horror completists! Extras include an interview with star Robert Vaughn, the original trailer and a picture gallery! Presented uncut in nice anamorphic wide-screen picture! Extras include an interview with director Claudio Fragasso! Unrated, for adults only! $9.98



Note: Picture quality varies from title-to-title on these collections. Remember, these are budget DVDs!

Weird Cinema Collection BOX SET (BCI)
10 vintage cult movies on 5 double-sided discs:"Teenagers from Outer Space" (1959), "Assassin of Youth" (1935), "The She Beast" (1966), "Creature from the Haunted Sea" (1961), "Cocaine Fiends" (1938), "The Giant Gila Monster" (1959), "Bride of the Gorilla" (1951), "Eegah!" (1963), "The Terror of Tiny Town" (1938) and "Reefer Madness" (1936). Lists for $12.98, on sale for only $5.98
Weird Cinema collection

Attack of the Monsters Collection BOX SET (BCI / Brentwood)
10 monster flicks on 5 double-sided discs, icludes: "Phantom from 10,000 Leagues" (1956), "Giant Gila Monster" (1959), "Eegah!" (1963), "The Monster Maker" (1944), "Attack of the Giant Leeches" (1959), "The Killer Shrews" (1959), "Creature from the haunted Sea" (1961), "The Ape Man" (1943), "The Snow Creature" (1954) and "Indestructible Man" (1956). List price is $19.98, on sale for only $5.98

Attack of the Monsters collection
Bloodlust (1959, Madacy)- A loose remake of "The Most Dangerous Game" starring Wilton Graff, Lylyan Chauvin and others!
Atom Age Vampire
(aka "Seddok-líErede di Satana", 1960)- Italian film directed by Anton Giulio Majano. Another in the series of Euro flicks dealing with mad doctors murdering beautiful girls to obtain something-or-other to help a deformed wife/lover/daughter or such. This time itís glands needed for a scarred lover. Also the doctor turns into a deadly monster! OOOOhhh!! Pretty scary, eh kids? New but missing shrink wrap. ONLY $4.98




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